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Much of the richness of Tibetan Buddhist shrines comes from decorative traditional brocades.These hand-loomed fabrics, incorporate a rainbow of brilliant colors with gold and silver thread, which represent the radiance of enlightened mind.

Brocades are frequently used in shrine furniture and teaching thrones or seats, and in banners, hangings, frames for thangkas, and appliqued works of art.

The prices of brocades are set by the running inch. they range from $1.00 an inch for a simple all-rayon brocade to $3.00 and more for the richest, double-weight brocades with the highest percentage of silk. Our most popular patterns range from $1.40 to $2.30.

Brocades Products

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thangka silk (1 meter wide)

Nippon Blossoms

New Nechang Chandan


Chinese Tankama

Khorlo Tasanata

Dorje Chandan

Silk Tankama Bhuti

Pure silk chinese Tankama


Phunstok Ngata


Satin Dragon

Satin Chota Phool

Artificial Tankama

Pema Chandan

Nechang Chandan


Tashi Targye Self (no gold)

Satin Senge

Sikri Tankama

Silk China Pema

Namgyal Cloud

Kanail Chandan


China Pema

Badal Chandan